Mangapwani Multipurpose Port
The Mangapwani multipurpose port is a new cargo facility designed to equip Zanzibar with adequate infrastructure to meet the growing demands of trade and cargo passage through the region. The project will involve the construction of berths for liquid bulk goods, containers, fishing vessels, natural gas offshore services and workshop facilities.

SMEC was engaged by Seaport Group BV (Netherlands) to provide consultancy services for the Environmental Impact Assessment and Preliminary Site Surveys. This included topographic and bathymetric surveys and geotechnical investigations of the site. The investigations will form part of the Feasibility Study which will be used by the Oman Investment Authority to inform the next phase of implementation.


With local engineers situated in the region, SMEC was able to mobilise environmental, geotechnical, and marine transport specialists to expedite analysis of the survey information ahead of schedule. The pre-selected location will be based on minimising excavation, capital dredging, quay wall construction, and minimising environmental and social impacts.


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