SANParks maintenance and recapitalisation management plan
With over 6.3 million visitors each year, South African National Parks (SANParks) recognised the need to modernise their asset management solutions. A purpose-built client-centric system was required to help the agency manage all their different assets in a way that was sustainable and scalable.

SMEC was appointed in 2019, to manage the delivery of a Maintenance and Recapitalisation Management Plan. Over a two year period, SMEC managed a rigorous review of SANParks Infrastructure Plant which culminated in the development of a cloud based fixed asset register and fully integrated asset management system.

A world-class system of sustainable national parks reconnecting and inspiring society.
———— SANParks Vision

As part of the process SMEC’s team visited parks to inspect assets, verify their condition and ascertain their value. The assessment process comprised 6,525 buildings, 4,560km of roads, 3,256km of fencing and further verification of sewerage, water, and electricity infrastructure.

During the project, SMEC deployed three teams of technical specialists who each spent roughly 2,000 hours on the road to physically visit and inspect various infrastructure assets. This included verification of assets located in the Kruger National Park, one of the largest game reserves in Africa, and occupied by ‘the big five’, elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard.

This project required the expertise of Asset Management Engineers, GIS Specialists, Chartered Accountants and Technical Verification Specialists. Combining the nuances of technical and financial data, SMEC developed a highly customised solution which could be formulated into the Maintenance and Recapitalisation Management Plan.

Live data dashboards now provide SANParks with assurance in terms of budget, timing, and planning for all maintenance projects. The outcome enables precise decision-making and greater efficiencies across the agency

of roads
of fencing


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