Western Cape Abnormal Loads Project
The Western Cape Government, Department of Transport and Public Works identified the need to develop a digital platform which would support the administration unit with processing abnormal vehicle load permits.

SMEC collaborated with Aspire Solutions to develop a new web-based application portal, which was launched in 2021. The new abnormal vehicle load permit system streamlines the application process whilst significantly reducing processing times and associated costs.


Customised Solutions


The bespoke system enables the department to quickly evaluate applications and instantly provides applicants with a risk assessment e.g. high risk or low risk. The team has developed a user-friendly document upload system so hauliers can easily submit supporting documentation. The system is supported by customised workflows which enables prompt technical evaluation by the SMEC engineers, the City of Cape Town and the National Roads Agency. If an application is low risk, the application will bypass the review process and the permit can be granted immediately. SMEC assessed and managed the coordination of all standard specifications and regulation documents. These were then programmed into the web-based system to automate the different workflows.


A notable feature of the system is the expansive crane library, a common abnormal load object, which helps to automate crane application details. The team also developed a routing module that identifies various pinch points such as height, mass, or geometric constraints across the Western Cape. These bespoke features enable the client to utilise data for future operational planning and analysis.


The product is fully operational and initial feedback has been positive. SMEC continues to be involved with system monitoring, which includes training applicants to use the online portal as well as providing training to the client team to build inhouse evaluation capacity.


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