Health and safety should be an integral part of businesses, of all shapes, and sizes. At SMEC it is imperative that we protect the well-being of people associated with our company, whether on-site or in the office. Embedding health and safety compliance into everyday consciousness reduces risks and improves business performance.

In Bangladesh, our team is close to completing Dohazari to Cox’s Bazar Railway project (DCRP) a new 103.5 km dual-gauge passenger line to improve the country’s rail connectivity with other Asian countries.  This railway corridor is part of the Trans-Asia Railway network, which will enable subregional traffic from Dhaka and Chittagong towards Cox’s Bazar and improve access to Myanmar. It will also provide future connectivity between northeastern India, Bhutan, and Nepal through the Indian railway network.

Safety first, always

Safety is a continually ongoing process and at DCRP it is prioritized ‘First always.’ Since early 2018, from its inception, DCRP has shown the utmost importance to the safety of working procedures. As Construction Supervision Consultant, SMEC worked closely with the building contractor’s safety unit to initiate regular and systematic observation of health and safety inspections. Together the team deployed a stream of initiatives including:

  • Providing health & safety training.
  • Practicing a positive health and safety culture.
  • Near-miss reporting.
  • Risk assessment reviews.
  • A HSE (health, safety and environment) checklist has been embedded into monthly reporting.
  • Close monitoring of procedures to ensure a safe system of work.
  • A full HSE Internal Audit at least twice a year.

These actions have made it possible to achieve zero fatalities to date.

Embedding a visible safety culture

Dr. Syed Islam, Divisional Health & Safety Officer (South Asia & Central Asia) recently undertook a site inspection to Cox’s Bazar where finishing work is about to commence on the iconic tower.  Dr. Syed met with site operatives and helped prepare safety inductions, mandatory for all SMEC staff.

“Additional training is being provided for everyone working from height. In four years of construction, the project has avoided any major accidents or fatalities. Everyone involved in the project wants to keep this record all the way to the finish line.”

Dr. Syed speaks passionately about the importance of embedding safety into everyday site culture,



It is not possible to measure the effects of human casualties. Accidents can have grave consequences for friends and families. The feeling of assurance that one has, knowing that colleagues will return safely from work, is more significant than anything.”
———— Dr. Syed Islam

Long-term business benefits

Working conditions and environmental hazards can vary significantly from company to company but the benefit of robust risk mitigation protocols cannot be understated. A work environment free from injuries and accidents is good for employee satisfaction as well as a company’s market reputation.

By ensuring our people are equipped with the right tools, information, and systems, we are creating a safer environment. And in building safety awareness among our people, we are building greater trust and competency on site. Absenteeism rates drop, and employees are more focused on doing their tasks.

A safe work environment is a feature of good companies throughout the world, so it’s important to give our employee’s here in Bangladesh the same assurance.


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