Providing resilient sustainable and environmentally responsible coastal management solutions

Knowledge of coastal processes combined with integrated engineering skills, is the key to designing infrastructure that can withstand and adapt to climate change impacts. SMEC has bespoke expertise in the curation of engineering studies associated with coastal processes, breakwater modelling, hydrodynamics, hazard management, coastal adaptation strategies and sustainable land reclamation and management plans.

Our expertise

Our expertise covers all aspects of coastal management including coastal reconstruction works, coastal zone management plans, drainage and erosion control, coastal adaptation plans and coastal infrastructure.


The coastal structures and coastal remediation measures designed by SMEC include breakwaters, revetments, seawalls, submerged control structures, new beaches and sand replenishment.


SMEC also specialises in all areas of natural resource management, including the planning, permit applications and monitoring related to legislation for the protection of terrestrial and aquatic species and their habitats for projects.



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