SMEC has extensive experience delivering world class construction phase services (CPS) on complex, high-value, technically diverse projects around the world.  

SMEC provide a full suite of services covering the life of a project from initial concept, feasibility, planning and design through to construction, commissioning and operation, maintenance and decommissioning. Our extensive CPS capability includes client-side services, contract administration and management, constructability reviews and technical support, construction management, surveillance and site supervision.  


As a trusted advisor for our clients, SMEC assists with the management of project complexities during construction through early identification and mitigation of challenges which may result in costly delays, disruption or non compliance. 


Client side services

SMEC has extensive experience acting in a Client-Side Services role for a range of project services. The SMEC team acts as an interface between client and delivery teams in areas such as project management, construction verification and surveillance, contract management, design development and review, safety audits, programming and budgets and stakeholder engagement.


Our team of technical experts provide advanced knowledge and skills to technical advisory roles, independent verification and certification (hyperlink to Independent verification page). Our expertise includes:

  • Quality Assurance (QA), Surveillance, Site Supervision and Verification
  • services including:
    • Independent Verification
    • Project Verification
    • Independent Certification
  • Contract administration and management
  • Constructability Reviews & technical advice
  • Construction Management

Surveillance and Site Supervision

SMEC partners with our clients to manage risks and deliver compliant projects by providing expertise in surveillance and site supervision. Our services and expertise cover:

  • Surveillance: Providing site surveillance and producing daily diaries for both on-site and off-site activities (including supply chain)
  • Owner’s Engineer / Owner’s Representative on site, including Environmental Representative

Contract Administration & Management

Provision of effective contract administration is an essential aspect of project execution. Our services and expertise cover:

  • Quantity Measurement and Verification
  • Provisional Sums, including assistance in the:
  • Preparation and agreement of the commercial approach to provisional sums prior to their commencement
  • Administration of any provisional sums or commercial items during construction, including quantity measurement / verification
  • Payments / Claims: Assist in the assessment of payment claims, variations / scope changes
  • Determination of Extension of Time (EoT) claims

Constructability Reviews & Technical Advice

SMEC has extensive project experience providing clients with Technical Advice and Constructability Reviews to assist the management of large-scale infrastructure projects. The advantages of a constructability review is to mitigate construction variation and EoT claims by:

  • Identifying and addressing potential construction issues with the design prior to tendering for construction, and
  • Identifying construction risks for the construction tenderers so that they are informed during the tendering phase.

Our services and expertise cover:

  • Design Reviews: Ability to comment on the effectiveness and practicality of proposed designs with an ability to minimise costs associated with the design.
  • Construction Methodology Statements: Review and comment on construction methodologies proposed
  • Constructability and technical advice: Provision of specialist advice on specific issues / items to inform risk mitigation or issue resolution.

Construction Management

Construction Management encompasses overall planning, coordination and control of a project. SMEC appreciates and focuses on the critical factors for project success – understanding client requirements, clear communication with contractors and effective contract management. Our services and expertise cover:

  • Pre-qualification of tenderers
  • Planning and programming
  • Cost estimates
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Selection of contractors
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Contract administration and reporting
  • Contract quality assurance auditing
  • Safety auditing
  • Claims management
  • Dispute resolution



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