Our multidisciplinary team of transport planners, engineers and modellers can help you plan, design and manage locations of intense pedestrian activity such as railway stations, airports, stadiums, significant events and emergency evacuations. With our state-of-the-art software, SMEC can model up to a million passengers from our robust research and server class workstations.

Our expertise

SMEC provides a complete pedestrian modelling solution with our extensive expertise in designing passages and corridors for pedestrian movements, size of waiting areas, forecast travel and waiting times and assess pedestrian safety and comfort.


Our tools and methodologies distinguish various types of pedestrian movements including commuters, shoppers, tourists and joggers.


Our world class pedestrian simulation software enables us to work collaboratively with our architects and designers using drawings and building information modelling (BIM) inputs. Our models can include vertical and bi-directional movement infrastructures such as elevators, escalators and staircases to assess movement within a building with multiple levels.


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