Pioneering smart systems and community orientated design is revolutionising the transport experience

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the transport industry, adopting transport systems that gather information to optimise mobility, incident response, automation and data analytics.

SMEC is pioneering these new technologies to help reshape transport systems – providing greater safety, more efficient travel, improved vehicle and aircraft maintenance, and more strategic traffic management. Leveraging data analytics, smart infrastructure, and a human-centred design approach, SMEC is helping to revolutionise the transport experience.

Our expertise

As part of SMEC’s fully integrated transport service offering, we provide Intelligent Transport Systems to help improve efficiency and safety across transport networks.


Intelligent Transport Systems use advanced information and communication technologies applied to vehicles and transport infrastructure to help improve traffic management, minimise congestion, improve safety, reduce the impact of maintenance activities and ultimately provide a more intelligent use of transport networks.


Through our global team of planners, communication experts and system engineers, we combine the latest technologies, processes and systems with our advanced knowledge and experience to address complex transport challenges.


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