Harnessing solar power with optimum efficiency

Solar photovoltaics are playing an increasing role in the world’s energy generation mix, particularly in Australia which houses some of the world’s largest solar power projects.

Establishing collaborative relationships with manufacturers, contractors and asset operators enables us to deliver commercially informed design and management solutions in the context of different geographic locations and regional markets.


Compared to alternative renewable infrastructure, solar has a relatively short life span. Through responsible asset management and maintenance, we work with clients to optimise the life cycle of solar assets.


As a key member of the Sun Cable Australia-Asia PowerLink SMEC is helping to drive the world’s largest solar energy infrastructure network, a game-changer for the renewable energy sector worldwide.


SMEC has established a broad portfolio, executing high performance results across the full breadth of the solar asset lifecycle. Our team can deliver the entire solar package, from feasibility planning, PV and DC and substation design to HV connection and complete network modelling. We assist developers with land acquisition, regulatory planning, feasibility studies, yield analysis and community engagement.


Leveraging industry innovations, we have implemented single-axis tracking technology, which allows solar panels to continually orientate towards the sun as well as integrated battery storage systems and bespoke infrastructure adapted to safeguard against extreme weather conditions.


We bring specialist expertise to the renewable energy sector, collaborating with our clients and partners to reduce carbon emissions and deliver efficient and cost-effective systems. Our expertise includes:

  • Connection Agreements:
  • Detailed design for electrical, civil, structural and geotechnical works
  • Electricity Generation and Transmission Planning
  • Energy Management
  • Environmental, social and economic assessments
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Government approvals
  • Hydrological analysis
  • HVDC overhead transmission lines
  • Layout planning
  • Load forecasting analysis, electrical modelling, and grid assessments
  • Network assessment and analysis
  • Operational and Asset Management Strategy Services
  • Owners Engineer
  • Power Master Plan and System Studies
  • Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering
  • SCADA specification
  • Solar battery storage
  • Solar feasibility planning
  • Supervision of installation, construction and commissioning
  • Subsea cabling
  • Topographic and cadastral surveys:



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