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Green Hydrogen
Green hydrogen holds immense potential as a clean and sustainable energy solution. With the increasing global focus on reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to renewable energy sources, green hydrogen offers a viable solution for decarbonising various sectors.

SMEC are uniquely positioned to partner with our clients to develop and deliver a whole of project approach to the feasibility and implementation of Green Hydrogen projects. Our heritage is founded on renewable energy projects, and we bring together a global workforce of technical specialists to solve the challenges presented by the energy transition to new technologies.


We bring together local and global specialists to enable the delivery of renewable energy, hydrogen production, transformation processes and the transportation and storage of hydrogen for end use. SMEC provides solutions and innovative advantage to each phase of hydrogen project lifecycles.


The importance of green hydrogen can be understood from several perspectives:

  • Decarbonisation of Energy
  • Energy Storage
  • Grid Balancing
  • Energy Export and Energy Security
  • Job Creation and Economic Growth
  • Technological Innovation

Green Hydrogen Value Chain

The Green Hydrogen value chain represents the entire process of production, transformation, transportation, and end-use.

At SMEC, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation, and we have developed a green hydrogen methodology that represents a significant leap forward in understanding and engaging with Green Hydrogen systems’ development, design and modelling. Its unique framework combines the strengths of various established methodologies while introducing novel elements that enhance precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Some of the key Features of the methodology:

  • Interdisciplinary Synergy: Our methodology offers a comprehensive approach that bridges gaps and connects the dots between seemingly disparate areas of study.
  • Data Fusion Techniques: Harnessing advanced data fusion techniques, allowing disparate data sources to be seamlessly integrated. This not only enhances the richness of the data but also provides a more holistic perspective on the green hydrogen system under study.
  • Dynamic Modelling: With a strong emphasis on statistical, probabilistic and predictive modelling, the model enables you to anticipate future trends and behaviours with higher accuracy, transforming how you make informed decisions based on scientific insights.
  • System Engineering approach: The iterative nature of our approach ensures that each study and analysis inform the next, creating a dynamic feedback loop that refines hypotheses and methodologies in real-time.



Working together with the experience and expertise of our parent company Surbana Jurong, SMEC have considerable capacity to provide the latest advancements and innovations in green hydrogen technologies, infrastructure and design solutions.Whilst drawing upon the depth and breadth of various disciplines within SMEC, each focusing on advances in sustainability and technology to support the needs of each phase of the hydrogen project lifecycle.

Surbana Jurong Group provide technical expertise in solutions for energy transition and transformation to deliver sustainable, affordable and reliable energy systems through Green Energy, Transition Fuels and Carbon Management.

green hydrogen


SMEC has an established portfolio of delivering quality and excellence in enabling infrastructure design and solutions, utilising SMEC’s history in renewable energy projects we are able to provide a holistic approach to the design and integration of non-processing infrastructure that meet the future needs of hydrogen production. We bring specialist expertise to the renewable energy sector, collaborating with our clients and partners to deliver efficient and cost-effective systems.

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As a global network of specialists, SMEC provides the full suite of services to deliver projects from conception to operation, transitioning and decommissioning. To achieve this, we bring together the technical expertise needed to provide a comprehensive service offering to deliver solutions unique to your project.



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