Advanced solutions for optimum storage, flow control, and irrigation capability

SMEC has planned and implemented a range of dam facilities to expedite water storage, irrigation, flood control and electricity generation.

Large hydroelectric power stations need dams to store sufficient water to generate energy. Dams can also be utilised for irrigation and drinking water. Our team provides all the necessary engineering and feasibility solutions required to deliver dams that serve a multitude of uses.


Advocating for the best possible environmental and social outcomes, we cooperate with stakeholders to enhance visual amenity, functionality, and safety. Our integrated delivery model ensures we identify key risks associated with site geology and deliver work under compressed timeframes.


Our hydropower and dam specialists have led the preparation of environmental, safety and due diligence studies as well as infrastructure planning, engineering design and documentation, project management and construction supervision.


Adhering to global regulatory guidelines we provide reliable advice and customised solutions, tailored to some of the worlds most remote locations.


Our areas of hydropower specialisation are complemented by our dam specialists, who provide expertise in the fields of dam safety, rehabilitation, analysis and remedial works design; and our managed services team who offer a combination of asset advisory expertise and facilities management assurance.


We regularly conduct detailed flow models, geological studies, and site arrangement analysis to pinpoint optimum flow and energy generation capacity. Sluice way design is carefully considered to avoid degradation of water quality or sediment build up, sustaining ecological balance in the river.


Our management framework ensures a holistic approach to all aspects of dam infrastructure including dams, spillways, wiers, tunnels, power stations, mechanical infrastructure, access roads and associated civil infrastructure.


We are experienced in all aspects of dam investigation, design, construction, project management, construction supervision, safety management and asset management. Specialist capabilities include:

  • Conveyance structures, including tunnels, pipelines and penstocks
  • Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Construction Management, Surveillance and Supervision
  • Dam and Levee design (earth fill, rock fill, saddle, concrete arch, coffer, concrete gravity, diversion, buttress, embankment, storage and detention Dams)
  • Diversion structures for off-stream storage
  • Energy storage facilities
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
  • Flood retention basins
  • Foundation and seismic assessments
  • Gated river barges
  • Geotechnical, hydrological and hydraulic design
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Powerhouses, sub stations and switchyards
  • Pumped Storage
  • Run-of-the-river hydro
  • Site surveying including Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) surveys
  • Spillways, hydraulic structures and water control facilities
  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Tidal power stations
  • Turbines and Generators
  • Tunnelling