SMEC draws on over four decades of experience in managing critical assets with global best practices. Our integrated asset management combines our global asset advisory services and operational expertise supported by world class technological solutions.

Our expertise

Our asset management services are complemented by our engineering expertise, allowing our solutions to be developed and incorporated at every stage of the asset lifecycle.  


We partner with our clients to optimise the development of best practice and world-class processes, aligning with the requirements of the international Standard ISO-55001 and the Global Forum of Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM). 


Through the latest digital engineering developments, SMEC turns data into operational business intelligence to maximise efficiency, identify and eliminate risks, increase productivity and lower costs.  


SMEC provides an integrated approach encompassing asset advisory services, facilities and operational management activities to maximise return on investment and achieve peak performance and long term asset certainty. 

More than just Asset Management

SMEC combines asset management, operational management and the latest in technological advancement to achieve asset certainty.


Our sophisticated digital platforms offer computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS), client dashboards and reporting, real time monitoring, lifecycle modelling, industry benchmarking systems, BIM to facility management and virtual reality technologies.


Our operational management and facilities management focuses on business process design, planning and management of manufacturing facilities, inventory management and logistics, forecasting, and delivery to customers.


The SMEC asset management approach encompasses risk management, predictive analysis and maintenance, commercial supply and logistics, spend analysis and business case preparation.

Our core services enable optimal performance and help to maximise value, profitability and returns while safeguarding personnel, equipment, and the environment.


SMEC aligns assets to technical and operational parameters with the organisations needs. This enables assets to operate and be maintained to minimise the likelihood of failure, and manage the risk to people, the environment and the business.  


Our Strategic Asset Management Framework is centred on a delivery model aligned to the requirements of the ISO55001 series of Asset Management Standards and the Global Forum of Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM). This provides assurance that an organisation can achieve its strategic Asset Management goals by installing a systematic process to strategically balance performance, risk and cost of an asset throughout the lifecycle.
Asset risk management identifies the key risks to an organization posed by an asset. It provides a comprehensive review of the asset base by analysing its components, systems, and interfaces to ensure the risks are mitigated and managed effectively. The risk management approach considers both the physical condition of the asset as well as the supporting processes and systems.
Our lifecycle management process has been developed based on our experience to deliver sustainable asset management solutions for clients. The approach is customised to meet individual business needs and encompass every stage of the asset lifecycle.
Commercial, supply and logistics ensures that a complete and focused end to end asset management suite of services and solutions are available, activated and connected. When supply chain management practices are monitored throughout the framework, results are quantifiable defined and achieved.
Operational readiness is a systematic approach to integrate organisational capabilities with project delivery. This process ensures an asset is ready to use on time, and at full capacity to maximise efficiency and eliminate risk. Activities for ensuring smooth roll-out, operation, and maintenance of projects are often overlooked.

Maximise return on investment by 10%-30% combining asset enhancements and maintenance solutions with operational improvements.

Single point of contact

One partner accountable for all operational and maintenance activities.


Improve performance

Combine operation and maintenance expertise to boost and advance your assets’ performance.


Reduce risk

Maximise your return from investments to enable operational and commercial certainty.


Lower costs

Eliminate all duplication to achieve scaled solutions and cost efficiencies through an integrated planning and maintenance process.


Enhance governance & accountability

Ensure all compliance needs are identified, attained and managed.


Flexible & seamless integration platform

Tailored dashboards and platform solutions provide operational transparency, real-time data and dynamic maintenance programs.


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