Smart, integrated water management systems for healthy cities and communities

Effective wastewater management is critical for the provision an integrated and sustainable water supply system. Our wastewater experts combine world class knowledge in process design and equipment specification for desalination plants, urban sanitation infrastructure, sewerage treatment and asset management.

As demand for water increases, our cities and institutions are developing smarter ways to manage and treat wastewater and realise a more efficient circular economy. At SMEC we help clients to integrate the latest engineering processes and technologies that enable more sustainable and cost-effective urban water systems.

Our expertise

SMEC has played a prominent role in the development and management of water supply, wastewater, and sanitation systems in developed and developing countries for over 40 years.

Adhering to international social and environment performance standards, SMEC has worked with international development agencies to deliver a range of water treatment and management solutions.

We have extensive experience with water supply and wastewater systems, ranging from rural, community-based water supply systems, and stormwater and wastewater reuse schemes, through to the development of major desalination and water treatment facilities.

Our delivery of waste-related projects ranges from waste planning through to the design and management of waste facilities.



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