Mount Lindesay Highway
Fostering collaborative partnerships with our client and contractors to deliver improved safety and efficiency for a key growth region. Together we’re creating a reliable road network for our community now and into the future.

Bringing our high calibre specialists’ experience and expertise to overcome design challenges.

SMEC and HullSEE delivered outstanding results for the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and motorists on the Mount Lindesay Highway upgrade from Stoney Camp Road to Chambers Flat Road.


The upgrade included the duplication of the existing two lanes of the Mount Lindesay Highway, between Stoney Camp Road and Chambers Flat Road interchanges to a four lane median divided carriageway, constructing two new bridge crossings of Norris Creek, improved fauna connectivity and protection, noise mitigation and facilitating vital safety improvements including the installation of barriers.


Works have been completed, with motorists now travelling over Mount Lindesay Highway’s new northbound bridge and southbound lane, giving local drivers better and safer access across Norris Creek. Maintaining strong stakeholder relationships since the first stage of works has been key to the successful delivery of the project.


SMEC have worked closely and collaboratively alongside contractor HullSEE and client Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, developing forward-thinking solutions and pragmatically resolving challenges around the in-situ ground conditions, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), road safety barrier systems and existing pavements. This partnership focused approach delivered the most effective outcome and long-term community value, through vital safety and transport connectivity improvements.

Better connecting our local communities

SMEC, as the Contract Administrator, brings a team with significant experience and expertise to manage the technical challenges in achieving the design intent, manage complex contract and commercial negotiations and assisting with the necessary temporary staging.

Wee Teck Yeo is proud of the team’s collaboration and expertise in providing best outcomes for the project and community.

“It is great to work alongside a high-calibre team in delivering a reliable road network for now and into the future. I am proud to see Mount Lindesay Highway open and being utilised by our communities, helping to reduce congestion and travel times, improve safety for all road users and improved network resilience and reliability,” Wee Teck Yeo, Contract Administrators Representative, SMEC.

Funded in partnership with the Federal and Queensland Government and TMR, the Mount Lindesay Highway upgrade is open to motorists, providing long-lasting community value.