SMEC’s long presence in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Region is wide-ranging, having been involved in the delivery of many infrastructure projects in the hydropower, energy, water and wastewater, road, rail, and port sectors. Across all sectors, the push for sustainability has become fundamental. With strong local expertise in social, economic, and environmental sustainability, our team has been working hard to contribute to meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Today we are active in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

Building climate resilience and social licence

With a strong pipeline of infrastructure projects, industry watchdogs are predicting strong growth in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Governments and investors are increasingly active in identifying projects that will offer socio-economic benefits, providing communities with more equitable and enhanced access to infrastructure. 


Establishing more effective transportation networks, utility networks, power generation capacity and clean water are all high on the governance agenda. In the context of climate change management, introducing climate resilience into the design and putting a high premium on having a strong social licence is crucial to unlocking a project’s business case. 


Karen Atkinson, Deputy ASEAN COO, is excited about the future of business in the region. “We see many opportunities ranging from the new Indonesian capital city in Kalimantan, renewables and sustainability projects in the Pacific, rail projects in Indonesia and Malaysia, through to water programmes in the Philippines.”  

International financial institutions such as the Asian Development Bank are already highly conscious of their socio-economic and environmental footprint. These institutions will remain as prominent climate resilience partners, but governments and the private sector are showing increasing maturity with regards to their sustainability credentials."
———— Karen Atkinson, Deputy ASEAN COO

Malaysia – Nenggiri Hydroelectric Project: SMEC has completed the design and is now supervising the construction of the hydropower project consisting of three dam walls that will create a nearly 5,400-ha storage reservoir and provide almost 600 GWh of energy annually. This project also includes the construction of two new townships with associated infrastructure such as community centres, schools, roads, electricity reticulation, water and sewerage for the affected Orang Asli settlements. SMEC is providing design services for the project and construction commenced in March 2022.


Indonesia – Green infrastructure development projects:

SMEC will prepare 18 urban infrastructure pre-feasibility studies (covering urban water and wastewater management, urban solid waste management and urban public transport) across Indonesia’s provinces of West Java, Central Java, East Java, Bali, Special Region of Yogyakarta and East Nusa Tenggara. This initiative is expected to help address the lack of an urban transportation system, increase access to safe drinking water, and restore the environment by promoting the community’s active participation in sanitation development through more effective environmental pollution management practices.


Philippines – North-South Commuter Rail Project (NSCR):

SMEC completed the detailed design and has been re-engaged as one of the consultants for the construction supervision of the NSCR Phase 1, a 38 km-long railway line that will supplement the existing transport system and drastically cut travel time from Malolos in Bulacan to Tutuban in Manila. SMEC was also involved in the detailed design of the 52 km-long NSCR Phase 2, which will run from Malolos to the Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone in Central Luzon and the detailed design of the 50 km-long Manila-Clark Railway Project.


Solomon Islands – Urban Water Supply and Sanitation:

SMEC’s water group is providing feasibility studies, surveys and investigations, asset management, design, and procurement support services for the Solomon Islands Water Authority. Fulfilment of these activities will provide efficient, secure, and safe urban water supply and sanitation services.


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