Anthony Dunn: Chief Technical Principal - Rail, Australia

Across our rail portfolio, SMEC is applying technically advanced planning and engineering across the full breadth of the project lifecycle. Alongside infrastructure design and supported by other market sectors, we work with clients and authorities to optimise public transport initiatives.


SMEC offers engineering and advisory services to the transportation supply chain by connecting communities and industry locally and internationally through various transportation modes.


One trend in the rail sector is the focus on technology and innovation. Transport nodes are becoming increasingly integrated as land, sea and air collaborate to offer a seamless travel experience. In understanding the bigger picture, SMEC is developing solutions to increase service capacity, guard safety, and enhance customer experience and streamline operations with a sustainable vision to ensure that the end of service requirements are also integrated into the planning and delivery solutions.


The Sydney-Metro, Stations, Systems, Trains, Operations and Maintenance (SSTOM) package will help deliver one of the most advanced metros in the world. SMEC is proud to have the opportunity to impact the industry and contribute to a transformational urban project. Collaborating with other   companies of the Subana Jurong Group, including Robert Bird Group, enables growth internationally but also brings innovation, technology and systems learnings from overseas.


In emerging markets, rapid urbanisation is driving demand for public transportation systems. In ASEAN and South Asia, initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and congestion are leading to increased investment in rail infrastructure. And in South Africa, SMEC recently contributed to a much-anticipated National Rail Policy White Paper. The policy introduces ambitious structural reforms to transform rail to underpin South African land transportation by 2050. SMEC is leading a technical coordination across our international offices to develop learnings and implement consistency and improvement across all our offering to our clients.