SMEC recently mobilised key staff to commence work on the latest phase of Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) - Phase 3; Lot 1 Road Works (23.33 Km) including Bus Stations.

With 6 phases in total, Dar es Salaam BRT System is envisioned as a sustainable, low-cost public transportation system that is safe, reliable, and affordable. It is also a key strategic initiative for the government to help reduce congestion and improve public transport mobility.

Phases 1 to 6

SMEC will deliver the project in collaboration with Sinohydro Corporation (Contactor) and the Tanzania National Roads Agency. Exclusive BRT lanes will be built along the middle of existing roads, with new tree-shaded bicycle and pedestrian ways on both sides. SMEC services include:

  • Fulfilment of World Bank selection criteria
  • Design Review
  • Quality and progress control
  • Project Management
  • Construction supervision
  • Review and approval of the proposed traffic deviations
  • Integrated educational programs for health, safety and social welfare
  • Performance testing and commissioning
  • Developing and implementing contract management systems
  • Capacity building.