The Edevu Hydropower Project, located on the Brown River approximately 47 km Northeast of Port Moresby, will expand renewable energy generation and provide a reliable energy supply for the community. The project comprises a 55 m high geomembrane faced rockfill dam, overflow chute spillway, and a 51 MW surface power station at the toe of the dam.

SMEC has been working on the project on intermittent basis since 2013 when the team commenced several engineering studies which included:

  • Detailed hydrology assessment and modelling including a reservoir and energy simulation study
  • Geological testing and modelling
  • Developing and appraising design options and site layout
  • Reviewing engineering services including appropriateness of mechanical, electrical equipment and detailed design
  • Coordinating cost estimates
  • Dam break analysis
  • Reviewing the program
  • Preparation of the Technical Due Diligence Report

The services were provided by SMEC engineers based in Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Sydney and Port Moresby. SMEC has recommended several design improvements during the due diligence study that resolved the type of dam and spillway to be constructed. The proposed rockfill dam will proceed with a geomembrane face in place of a steel plate. The team also identified a surface spillway solution instead of a tunnel spillway, resulting in significant improvement in the design function and reduction of the project cost.

Reflecting the strong collaborative relationship with the client, the team recently secured additional services to deliver a desktop study for the Edevu water supply scheme. SMEC will develop concepts to inform water treatment, water transmission and associated infrastructure, which will enable the facility to supply safe drinking water to Port Moresby. The outcome of the desktop study will be crucial for the next stage of the feasibility study.


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