The Fiber Optic infrastructure rollout (Mestia and Zugdidi-Khobi) is a project funded by the World Bank to improve fibre optic connectivity in remote regions of Georgia.

The project involves the construction of a new fiber optic networks to improve access to high-speed internet and other telecommunications services.


The Project consists of the following key components and subcomponents:

  • Increasing access to broadband in rural settlements across Georgia and improve the enabling environment for digital development.
  • Promoting the use of broadband-enabled digital services
  • Project implementation support to ensure effective management and implementation of the project and associated activities.


Scope of work

Leading the Engineer Consultancy Services for Civil Works, SMEC has deployed a specialist team of civil engineering, telecommunications, and fibre optic experts to supervise the installation of more than 500km of fibre optic cable. Key responsibilities include:

  • Supervising the civil works for the construction of fiber optic infrastructure to ensure the project is completed within the anticipated budget and timeframe.
  • Ensure construction is carried out in accordance with the design specifications, environmental and social requirements, and sound engineering practices.
  • Setting up the system of managerial control for the duration of the work. This includes the project management plan, weekly reports (to assess progress and monitor safety, quality, variations, and bills of quantities) and the works completion report at the conclusion of the project.
  • Once the civil works have been completed SMEC will also participate in testing and commissioning.
SMEC is proud to be working with Open Net to improve the lives of millions of people in Georgia. By expanding connectivity, the Fiber Optic infrastructure rollout will promote economic development, and improve social inclusion.
———— Teimuraz Shermandini, Project Manager

The project is being implemented by the Open Net, a Georgian telecommunications company. The anticipated project duration is 10 months and is expected to be completed in 2024.