James Phillis, CEO SMEC Australia and New Zealand, recently sat down with CEO Magazine to contemplate SMEC’s journey of innovation and sustainability, sharing his outlook on 2020 and beyond.

Reflecting on SMEC’s history of delivering nation-building infrastructure, James discussed a few of his favourite projects, built to impact and improve everyday lives.

“There’s the NorthConnex tunnel, the longest and deepest to be built in Sydney; the Snowy 2.0, built to provide renewable energy for future generations; Hells Gates Dam, which will help improve water supply and manage floods; Adelaide’s desalination plant, delivering up to 100 billion litres of water every year; and the Yarranlea Solar farm about 50 kilometres west of Toowoomba that’s busily powering up to 32,000 homes,” says James.

Addressing the challenges of 2020, James considers the ability and resilience of SMEC’s employees to be some of our greatest strengths – a spirit which not only enabled us to effectively manage our way through 2020 but also drives our delivery of innovative and sustainable solutions.

“Our business is founded on sustainability, and we are committed to continuing to deliver sustainable solutions that help to connect, move and power people and communities,” says James. “I spend a lot of time encouraging our people to do things differently, capture those differences and then develop them into our design practices. What we do makes a real difference and creates an enormous footprint that will last for future generations.”

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