SMEC is pleased to have a strong, ongoing partnership with the BlackIvy Group in Ghana, collaborating to deliver several projects over the past year.

Anchored in Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania, BlackIvy LLC is a values-driven company that provides logistics and infrastructure solutions for emerging economies and businesses. Among others, BlackIvy is currently developing the following enterprises: WestPark™, an industrial park; LuccaHealth™; a three-storey healthcare facility; and IndigoHomes™, a residential development.

For WestPark, SMEC delivered the engineering design, design coordination and architectural detailed design of the two first buildings in the WestPark Industrial Park in Takoradi, Ghana, along with infrastructure design review and construction supervision.

For LuccaHealth, SMEC completed the project management, design review and coordination, and construction supervision of a three-storey healthcare facility in Accra, Ghana, with administrative offices, consultation rooms, operating theatres and recovery rooms.

For Indigo Homes, SMEC delivered a Construction Audit of AyMensahPark residential development in Accra, Ghana, including the evaluation of current construction and comparison with market costs, extra-over and under costs (budgeted against actuals), the value of equipment and materials on site to be used and/or re-used in future construction, and executed contracts against their results.

SMEC is currently engaged with IndigoHomes on OyarifaPark residential development, strengthening the project management capacity for project implementation, including development of a procurement strategy, a baseline schedule of the entire lifecycle and respective follow-up over the first year, and the implementation of a governance framework and management tools for time management; cost management; quality management; and procurement management.