Continuing our track record of support for the Indian government’s Jal Jeevan Mission, this month, SMEC signed a new work order with the Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Department in Karnataka to implement water supply systems across the state.

India’s ambitious nationwide initiative aims to provide every household with safe and adequate tap water by 2024. Covering 27,000 km², since the mission’s incarnation in 2019, SMEC has collaborated with more than twenty districts to develop detailed reports making recommendations for water schemes that will service around 1.2 million people in 1,400 villages.

Analysing the sustainability of the ground or surface water source, water allocation and environmental constraints, SMEC proposed design and engineering solutions for complex supply networks encompassing rural areas in Karnataka and the water scarce regions of Bundelkhand and Vindhya.

The new work order will see SMEC establish and deploy a dedicated project management team to ensure technically sound and sustainable implementation of the proposed designs in the south western state of Karnataka.

Comprising key experts and senior engineering professionals committed to excellence in the water sector, as a priority, SMEC’s multi-disciplinary project management unit will develop community capacity to operate and maintain the new infrastructure once complete.

“Enhancing local capability will be critical to the longevity of the supply networks,” said Sharad Bhushan, SMEC’s Growth & Strategy Director.

“Our project management unit will provide operational education and communications to empower rural communities to effectively sustain the systems now and for the future.

“We are honoured to continue fulfilling India’s timebound vision for Har Ghar Jal or ‘water for every household’ that protects public health and significantly improves livelihoods.”

Mr. Aijaz Hussain (Chief Engineer – Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Department), SMEC’s Sharad Bhushan (Director – Growth & Strategy) and Mallikarjunagouda Patil (Head – Business Development) pictured at RDW&SD’s office in Bangalore, Karnataka.