The SMEC team in Ghana recently celebrated the completion of the Ghana Power Compact by organising a social golf event. The objective of the event was to commemorate the progress made towards addressing challenges faced by the power sector in Ghana.

Speaking at the event, Regional Manager of SMEC West Africa, Mr. Jose Fernandes said,


“It’s refreshing to see management and staff participating in activities away from the corporate setting. It’s been a great way to promote team spirit, nurture a positive work culture and rejuvenate staff while also giving stakeholders on this project an opportunity to network. Completion of the project marks five years work of managing probably one of the most challenging electricity projects in Ghana, improving the power in Ghana. I am very proud of my team”



SMEC was first appointed by the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) in 2017 to provide engineering design, project management supervision and technical expertise. The Power Compact was completed over a five-year program involving multiple stakeholders in the Power and Energy Sector. New energy standards and reduced energy consumption have created momentum towards inclusive and sustainable economic growth that will continue long after the compact ends.


SMEC engineer Munesu Dizamuhupe added, “The Power Compact was initiated to help the power sector in Ghana resolve technical losses in the transmission system and non-technical losses like power theft. Most of the projects we implemented were all tailor-made to solve these solutions. In terms of solving non-technical losses, there were two things that we put in—a geographical system and meter management system.”


Completed infrastructure projects include:

  • Kasoa and Pokuase Bulk Supply Points and associated Interconnecting lines
  • Low Voltage Feeder Bifurcation and network improvement for 5 Districts within Accra
  • High Voltage Distribution System and Security Lighting for 10 markets within Accra and Tamale
  • Installation of Meter Management Systems (MMS)
  • Implementation of Utility Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • AC Test Building and with installed Refrigerator Test Laboratory,
  • Primary Substation and Interconnecting Circuit at the University of Ghana and Kanda.

Clients: Millennium Challenge Corporation and Millennium Development Authority, Ghana


Event Location: Achimota Golf Club, Accra, Ghana