SMEC has partnered with Australian innovators InQuik, since their inception in 2016, to provide engineering design and ongoing engineering certification for InQuik’s patented bridging system technology.

The revolutionary InQuik bridging system is a pre-engineered system for constructing small to medium single and multi-span steel reinforced concrete bridges.

The modules are prefabricated offsite and delivered to site ready for construction by placing the modules and pouring the concrete.

This results in considerable reduction in cost and time over traditional bridge construction methods. It also offers significant benefits in developing nations, as the modules can be implemented quickly and safely using local labourers.

The video below shows the installation of a new triple span, dual lane bridge at Parsonage Creek, New South Wales, Australia.

With rising demand for bridges, InQuik have successfully installed, or currently have under design and fabrication, close to 60 bridges since introducing the system with their first commercial bridge in April 2017.

The innovative design of the InQuik system was recognised when it won the 2019 T.C. Graham Prize from the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), an international award encouraging the development of new and innovative uses for steel.

“We have an excellent partnership with InQuik, which started from when they commenced operations out of Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. We continue to work together on numerous commissions, share market intelligence and actively pursue opportunities that align with both our organisations’ strategies.” said Trevor Sullivan, Director Infrastructure, SMEC Australia.