SMEC is proud to continue our partnership with Fotowatio Renewable Venture (FRV) in delivering Owner’s Engineering services on the Winton Solar Farm, located near Benalla in Victoria. This is the third project that SMEC will partner with FRV to deliver as Owner’s Engineer, having contributed to delivering 253 Megawatts of FRV’s total 429-megawatt portfolio. Once completed, the Winton Solar Farm will provide enough energy to supply around 50,000 homes and offset around 150,000 tonnes of CO2.

“We are proud to continue our work with FRV, contributing to Australia’s renewable future through the development of solar farms throughout Australia,” said Rob Hamilton, Senior Engineer. “Our energy specialists partner with our clients throughout the project process to optimise outcomes while minimising and mitigating project delivery risks.”

The Winton Solar Farm is being delivered to support the Victorian government’s Renewable Energy Targets (VRET). It will be one of the largest solar farms to be delivered with bi-facial PV modules in Australia, and the largest semi-scheduled solar farm participating in the National Electricity Market to utilise string inverters. Together, these technologies represent an innovative step towards maximising energy production per hectare, which in turn maximises plant availability and plant flexibility.

Our scope of work as Owner’s Engineer includes technical support, planning and project management support, detailed design review, generator registration support and construction and commissioning support services.

SMEC is a key provider of technical and engineering services on major solar farm projects across Australia, with a successful track record in the development of over 6.4GW worth of utility-scale solar farms in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.