SMEC is nearing completion of Program Hibah Jalan Daerah (phase three), an innovative national road maintenance initiative covering four provinces and six districts identified as priority tourism destination areas.

PHJD commenced in January 2019 and is expected to be completed in December 2022. PHJD is a scaled-up version of the pilot Provincial Road Improvement and Maintenance (PRIM) program. PRIM was initially designed and managed by SMEC under the Indonesia Infrastructure Initiative (IndII) from 2013–2017, before shifting management to the Indonesia Australia Partnership for Infrastructure (KIAT) from 2017 to date.

Building on PRIM, PHJD adopts an innovative performance-based approach whereby local governments are reimbursed for the cost of road maintenance if the completed work fulfills certain construction quality and governance criteria.

KIAT is working closely with government counterparts to carry out the program, primarily through building capacity, developing program manuals and processes, and supporting the quality design and verification of works.

SMEC’s scope of work under the contract with KIAT has included planning, programming and budgeting for the maintenance of sub-national roads; implementation support for road maintenance works; and training and institutional support for authorities to better manage and improve their road networks.

Support disciplines involve strengthening governance processes, inclusive planning and implementation, integration of gender issues and enhancing participation of people with disability and vulnerable groups, oversight on quality of road works, road safety awareness, training in construction supervision, contract administration and engineering design.

SMEC is honoured to be involved in the implementation of this road maintenance initiative as it comes to its completion. We will continue to be guided by our specialist thinking, extensive experience and culture of collaboration and innovation to meet the expectations of the client and other key stakeholders,”
———— Habibie Razak, SMEC Regional Manager Indonesia

Kemitraan Indonesia Australia untuk Infrastruktur (KIAT) is a partnership between the Governments of Australia and Indonesia to support sustainable and inclusive economic growth through improved access to infrastructure for all people in Indonesia. KIAT is supported by the Australian Government and implemented by DT Global.