We are thrilled to announce that SMEC, Bangladesh has been awarded the winner of Global Best Employer Brands 2023 under the “Best HR Strategy in line with business” category at the 31st World HRD Congress & Awards. The World HRD Congress brings together thousands of professionals from over 133 countries and focuses on elements such as HR strategy, HR best practices, diversity & inclusion and women leadership in HR.


Head of People, Culture and Diversity, Fatema Moriam Nisha commented “As the workforce evolves and technology advances, HR strategies must adapt to remain effective and competitive in the ever-changing business landscape. At SMEC, we constantly take opportunities to redefine and reset our HR strategies to help shape business strategy and bring it to life.”


At SMEC in Bangladesh, the People and Culture team works as a business partner to align people strategies with business objectives. The team continually refines processes, methods, and technologies to better meet the evolving requirements of the organization and its people.


Some of the key pillars of the Bangladesh People and Culture strategy include:


Leader in digitalization

Our HR digitalization journey started earlier in 2020 and year-on-year we have worked with new avenues to align our HR systems and processes with overall long-term business goals. The initiatives for digitalization have improved efficiency, reduced errors, and allowed us to draw better insights through enhanced reporting tools.


Leader in sustainability and diversity

The team has implemented several strategies to ensure that our people in Bangladesh are supported by a sustainable work culture and an environment that promotes long term career development. This is bolstered by a dedicated women in leadership initiative to support female leaders whilst helping us achieve an equitable work environment for all. All team members are given the opportunity to observe a range of cultural events and festivals to celebrate our rich diversity.


Client-centric approach

To align HR activities with client needs, the team is continually looking at ways to improve recruitment processes and employee experience, whilst taking regular feedback from new joiners and managers.


Employer of choice

SMECs People and Culture teams across the world promote an engaging and inclusive culture where every voice matters. In Bangladesh the team has prioritised development of effective engagement techniques to maintain an open communication with our people. An engagement calendar contains various team-building activities, sessions, training, and celebrations which are held throughout the year.