SMEC’s bridge structures specialists are presenting technical papers at the 2023 Australian Small Bridges Conference, Australasia’s largest bridge exhibition, held on the Gold Coast, Australia. The Conference will feature a comprehensive exhibition, providing attendees the opportunity to view and discuss innovative products and services now available from bridge contractors, designers and suppliers.

Our Technical Papers


Frenchman’s Creek Bridge Replacement in a Short Closure of the Road

Ali Sheeran (Technical Principal – Bridges and Structures), Michelle Park (Senior Engineer – Bridges and Structures), Matt Duncanson (Associate Engineer – Materials Technology)

Exploring the Frenchman’s Creek Bridge Replacement which was delivered over a 60-hour road closure period. The new bridge was designed taking into consideration maintaining the operation of the existing bridge during construction and adopting innovative solutions including the introduction and implementation of a one-of-a-kind deck unit design.


Suggested changes to AS 5100 Bridge Design for Wide Pedestrian / Cycle / Active Transport Corridor Bridges

Ross Pritchard (Technical Principal – Structures)

Major sporting stadiums, public spaces and long distance urban active transport corridors have changed the type of bridges society demands. The AS 5110 Bridge design is not currently keeping up with these needs. This paper examines guidelines and suggested design loads for AS 5110 Bridges, providing a comprehensive design criterion.


Design of Integral Land Green Bridges

Binh Pham (Technical Principal – Structures)

Exploring the results of an in-depth study of land bridges using finite element modelling and advanced creep, shrinkage and relaxation modelling, soil-structural interaction and ground movement. The investigation was based on a case study in Melbourne with results indicating land bridges can behave significantly different to typical bridges with several useful design recommendations considered.


A Study on Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) as an Alternative Material for Pedestrian Bridges 

Elena Lynch (Bridge Engineer), Kenny Luu (Manager – Structures, ANZ), Binh Pham (Technical Principal – Structures)

Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) is an emerging material in the design and construction of bridges. To date FRP is commonly used for short span bridges. The paper comparatively assesses Fibre Reinforced Plastic and steel materials in a 40-meter-long truss pedestrian bridge, presenting it as a viable, sustainable and economical solution to bridge designers.


Sundale Bridge: Conversion of an Existing 4 Lane Road Bridge with Narrow Footpath to 5 Lanes

Ross Pritchard (Technical Principal – Structures)

The paper discusses Level 3 bridge inspections, structural assessments and the process involved in converting the Sundale Bridge with the adjacent bridge to deliver increased functionality, meeting the needs of future Gold Coast development.


The Replacement of the Pot Bearings of a Western Distributor Viaduct in Sydney using Flat Jacks

Kenny Luu (Manager – Structures, ANZ), Michal Krotofil (Technical Principal – Bridges)

The paper discusses the five-span horizontally curved box girder viaduct that carries the westbound carriageway of the busy Western Distributor, Sydney. Bearing replacement work was required to be carried out under live traffic to avoid disruptions. A detailed discussion of the jacking methodology utilised and key design aspects of the bearing replacement is explored.


Frankston – Dandenong Road Bridge Upgrade

David Huggett (Principal Engineer), Kuan Lee (Associate Engineer)

Exploring the rehabilitation of the existing Frankston – Dandenong Road Bridge in Victoria. The key objectives of this project was to provide a stronger bridge with increased load capacity to support vehicles travelling to and from Dandenong City Centre, extend the residual design life and increase safety for drivers and pedestrians.


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