SMEC horticulture expert Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan and operations manager Muhammad Iqbal Khokhar recently presented an overview of the Sukkur to Multan Motorway at the 76th Annual Session of Pakistan’s Engineering Congress (PEC).

Left to Right: Amjad Saeed- President- Pakistan Engineering Congress presented shield to SMEC staff- Dr. Muhammad Aslam Khan- Horticulture Expert, Muhammad Iqbal Khokhar- Operation Manager

The 392 km stretch of highway is a key section in the Peshawar – Karachi motorway which connects the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Design of the adjacent landscape was embedded into the engineering solution – resulting in a greener and more eco-friendly habitat. Right from the beginning, SMEC advocated for green embankments, roadside turfing, and an extensive planting strategy to counter the impacts of air pollution, urban heat, noise pollution and soil erosion. A core team of professionals were trained in motorway landscaping, creating new jobs in operations and ongoing maintenance.

Satluj River Bridge

The Sukkur to Multan Motorway is also the first smart motorway in Pakistan. An Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) incorporates smart surveillance cameras, speed limit controls and an early warning system for incident response units. All of which supports a safer motorway.

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