In a country like South Africa where it is forecast that there will be a water supply deficit of 17% by 2030, robust water demand management is key. Our local Management Services team have been partnering with local municipalities to better manage and safeguard sustainable access to water.

The team was recently involved with reviewing and updating the Water Conservation and Water Demand Management (WCWDM) strategy for Phokwane Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province. In addition to being situated in an already water-scarce location in South Africa’s driest province, the municipality is facing challenges including an exponential growth in water demand owing to a growing population, and water shortages due to regular maintenance of the water scheme supplying the area.

With the aim of implementing efficient distribution measures and promoting sustainable use of water amongst consumers, the team developed a multi-faceted WCWDM strategy that investigates infrastructure, systems, processes and skills requirements to ensure that the benefits of water demand management and revenue enhancement can not only be realised but also sustained. What’s more, the strategy outlines strategic initiatives to ensure the municipality has adequate and skilled resources in place to enable the infrastructure to be optimally utilised and monitored, reducing fruitless expenditure. The aim is that the strategy will be adopted within all integrated infrastructure planning.

Through the implementation of the WCWDM strategy, our client is now equipped with a roadmap to enhancing water service delivery and building a case for investment into identified projects that yield a tangible return.

Pictured above: Phokwane Local Municipality water infrastructure