On 9 August 2022, SMEC colleagues attended the official opening ceremony of Motonga-Makete Road (Lot 2), part of the Njombe-Ndulamo-Makete gravel road upgrade to bitumen standard.

The Moronga-Makete road supports agriculture including farming and man-made forest estates in the area, making it an important link for economic activities. It also services both the Kitulo National Park and Kitulo Cattle Farm, travelling south-west through several communities allowing the residents access to vital social services.


The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, through TANROADS, funded the upgrade, with China Railway Seventh Group Co. Ltd (CRSG) as the Contractor.


SMEC provided construction supervision services for the project. Applying technical excellence and innovative thinking allowed the team to meet required standards and deliver within budget, to the satisfaction of the Client.

For me it’s most satisfying to see the Client smile. Attending the opening Ceremony of the Moronga-Makete upgrade was a proud moment to see the project through to the end.
———— Daniel Kabado, SMEC, Senior Highway Engineer