National Manager - Ports and Coastal

With over 35 years’ experience covering all aspects of maritime and transport infrastructure, Gary plays a leading role in fostering strategic direction and achievements for his clients in the ports and coastal market in Australia. Gary has worked on major projects such as the Darwin Ship Lift Facility, Devonport Ferry Terminal Development, Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade, Webb Dock North Masterplan and Port of Townsville Channel Capacity Upgrade to name a few, as well as a range of international projects in Asia and the Middle East.


Working on these projects enables Gary to cover different specialist areas including marine concrete structures, heavy duty pavements, dredging, reclamation, seawalls and port logistics. He has a deep technical understanding when it comes to the planning, design and construction of port and maritime facilities.

Port developments cover a lot of disciplines, which is akin to designing a small city. With each project I’m dealing with different clients and environmental areas, which makes no two days the same.”

Being highly enmeshed in nation building ports and maritime developments, means that Gary plays a key role in working with clients to add in sustainability value and improve footprint minimisation. His historical involvement in Australia’s first container terminal automation project in Brisbane, equips Gary and his team the industry insight needed to address current and future challenges of Australia’s ports. These challenges include how to accommodate larger vessels? What is a more sustainable way to dispose of dredging materials? As well as incorporating hydrogen hubs into existing ports.

Gary’s strong support for the future of port engineers has played a pivotal role in promoting innovation and growth within the maritime industry. As a leader at SMEC, Gary recognises the pivotal role that ports and their infrastructure play in global trade and commerce. Through his advocacy, he has championed initiatives that foster the development of new technologies, sustainable practices, and training programs for maritime engineers. By investing in the skillsets of these professionals and encouraging cross-disciplinary collaboration, Gary is paving the way for a more efficient, resilient, and environmentally conscious port engineers that will shape the industry for generations to come.

Throughout my career, my passion for port engineering has allowed me to help my clients develop strategic plans and realise their goals.”

Find below a few selected papers authored and/or co-authored by Gary:

Port of Brisbane berth deepening study for Coasts & Ports Conference, Auckland
Wharf 10 & 11—tension pile capacities and pile load tension test for Port of Brisbane Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters Conference, Sydney
Development of Berths 11 & 12—Port of Brisbane for Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters Conference, Sydney
Soil-structure interaction modelling and remedial works for Wharves 4 & 5 deck slab cracking at the Port of Brisbane, for Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters Conference, Sydney