Specialist consultancy and engineering for ports and coastal environments

Ports are highly specialised facilities that play a critical role in the global supply chain. The shipping industry is also rapidly evolving as port authorities modernise post infrastructure to enable deeper berths, larger wharves and smarter processing systems.

SMEC employs a cohesive team of experienced engineers, scientists and planners, with global expertise and technical excellence across all areas of this specialised field.   

We work closely with regulators, port authorities, terminal operators and port users to strengthen commercial viability and unlock vital links the transport network. Through the latest digital technologies and smart shipping solutions we are helping port owners transition to a more sustainable future. 


SMEC has an established history of providing innovative planning, design, contract administration and construction support services for projects in the transport sector, including ports, roads, railways and airports. Our expertise comprises the planning and development of new and upgraded port and maritime facilities, wharves, terminals, dredging and reclamation works, coastal protection works, and associated infrastructure for transportation of goods and people.


SMEC is also able to provide a full range of investigation and design support services to the Ports and Maritime sector. These include master planning, traffic and transport planning, road, rail, bridges, pavements, warehousing, bulk materials handling, dredging and reclamation, contamination assessments and ground remediation, utilities, geotechnical, environmental, social and community & stakeholder engagement.


Coastal Engineering and Management
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Dredging and Reclamation
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Intermodal Facility Planning and Development
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Ports & Maritime Infrastructure Development
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Port Planning, Operations and Logistics
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Coastal Engineering and Management
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