This month SMEC mobilised a multi-disciplinary team to commence supervision of the rehabilitation and upgrading of buildings, runway and ancillary services of Shinyanga regional airport in northern Tanzania. The airport runway is predominantly gravel and grass measuring 2 km long and 30 m wide.
Shinyanga airport building and runway
Shinyanga Airport


The project has received funding support from the European Investment Bank and will bring the  facility to international safety standards, allowing all weather travel.


“Improving transport infrastructure is essential for sustainable growth in Tanzania. The European Investment Bank is committed to supporting transport projects that help private sector growth, improve connections to remote areas and strengthen regional integration across East Africa.” said Plutarchos Sakellaris, European Investment Bank Vice President.


The upgrade of this airport is part of a larger five airport priority upgrade program, included in the Government of Tanzania’s ten-year transport investment programme. This will enhance the country’s limited air transport infrastructure allowing for improved economic growth. The overall completion period of the assignment (both pavements and buildings) is expected to be 18 months.


“The airport modernisation program will enable the landing of Air Tanzania’s new fleet of aircraft, which will be a game changer for regional travel in Tanzania and open up economic opportunities for a number of sectors, particularly tourism and trade.” said Nasser Harrasy, Regional Manager, Eastern & Western Africa.


Map of project locations


European Investment Bank and the Tanzania Roads Agency Authority, TANROADS, are finalising the works contract for the Sumbawanga Regional airport. Once complete SMEC will mobilise another team for this similar upgrade supervision task under the same contract.


Total duration of each project is 30 months, which includes 18 months construction supervision and 12 months defects notification period.


For more information, contact:

Abdulkher Islam, Country Manager – Tanzania