Al Noor Orchard, West Marina master plan, Pakistan
West Marina is modern, master planned community with social, economic, and ecological sustainability at its core.

The Challenge

Al Noor Orchard West Marina is a Land Development Authority approved residential Block of Al Noor Orchard Lahore. It is developed by Al-Jalil Developers and located off the main Jaranwala Road approximately 15 kilometres west of Lahore. The West Marina is a new extension of the Al Noor Orchard Housing Society. The housing society provides a range of facilities and services, such as security, electricity, water supply, sewerage, and waste management systems.


Key challenges of the master plan included:

  • Connectivity: Existing roads needed to be reconfigured to cater for the future community. This included a need to provide direct access to major roads in proximity to the site. The new settlements needed to be holistically planned to integrate with the wider Al Noor development.
  • Topography: The team contended with flat terrain prone to flood, particularly along the canal which constrained expansion beyond the eastern banks. The site is also portioned on an irregular site boundary creating challenges for land efficiency.
  • Water Management: The water in the canal required pollution remediation due to discharge of waste upstream.


The Solution

The key focus was to embed environmental protection into the services and infrastructure. Provision of quality well connected green areas will enhance the overall environment.  On site water and flood management is intertwined with the open space strategy to treat water and maximise opportunities for rainwater harvesting.

  • Green space is an abundant feature of the master plan, and each home is located within a five-minute walk to a local garden. Linear garden loops are connected to public amenities and commercial facilities. Garden loops will present a unique identity for each neighbourhood.
  • The project includes a drainage system that uses gravity to move water away from the buildings and roads. This is important to prevent flooding during heavy rain or other weather events.
  • Landscaped water terraces will be constructed with raised embankments to help manage the threat of flooding from the nearby canal.
  • The low-rise community will be protected by smart security systems.


The Impact

The master plan of West Marina is a one of a kind in Pakistan in terms of providing affordable housing in an iconic business gateway. Amenities are strategically distributed, and infrastructure is integrated into the garden city concept to mitigate the threat of flooding.  Introducing modern urban planning concepts, SMEC and Surbana Jurong have created a framework for a distinct and vibrant community, unique to Lahore.

Land parcel for detailed layout plan
of linear parks connecting Gardens from precinct to district level
of bicycle tracks


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