Axle Load Control Stations
SMEC worked with the Bangladesh Roads and Highways Department to develop a freight transport model and a load control facilities to prevent premature deterioration of the road network.

Due to exceedingly heavy vehicles regularly using the network, Bangladesh’s roads are deteriorating ahead of their time, which has increased maintenance costs. With a network that spans over 22,000km the team needed to design an asset management system that would be scalable and cost effective.


As part of this project, SMEC is working towards establishing the country’s first nationwide freight transport model. The challenge was to build a mathematical algorithm capable of forecasting the volume and flow of freight across the road network with only limited baseline data.


SMEC, along with our local subsidiary ACE Consultants, is reviewing designs and providing construction supervision services for the 28 Axle Load Control Stations to be installed at strategically located depots across the country.


SMEC is providing engineering advice on the installation of the vehicle weighing systems. This includes reviewing the building designs and infrastructure facilities at each depot. Across all the stations, our teams will support with the review, development, and finalisation of the electromechanical equipment from importation, installation, and maintenance.


The proposed solution incorporates Smart technology to capture data, monitor load compliance and forecast vehicle movement. Identifying the movement of overloaded vehicles from different land ports, the freight transport model seeks to establish an effective load control system, to improve highway safety and security while providing real-time surveillance of freight traffic.


As part of the scope, SMEC is developing an appropriate knowledge framework for future operations and maintenance. This includes overseeing the construction of 21 new maintenance facilities, positioned near the weighing stations. SMEC will design, document and specify all maintenance infrastructure, to ensure the weighing stations function smoothly.


SMEC’s consulting services will ensure that the axle load stations and supporting mechanisms reduce the impact of overloaded vehicles on the road infrastructure.


In addition, SMEC will build the country’s first freight transport model. The model will become an integral piece of the Bangladesh Roads and Highways Department’s asset management system. It will be used to inform traffic management, asset maintenance, infrastructure planning and design.


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