Gabiro Agribusiness Hub,
Gabiro Agribusiness Hub is situated in a poorly irrigated, semi-arid region with an annual rainfall of only 800mm. By harnessing water from the Akagera River, the Rwanda Development Board aims to set up an agri-hub, with an irrigatable area of 16,000ha.

The remediated land will use innovative irrigation techniques to combine modern agriculture and animal resource husbandry, substantially increasing crop yield and milk production whilst providing employment and food security.


Covering an area of 5,600ha, the Phase 1 works focused on irrigation infrastructure; road networks within the scheme; electrical powerlines; housing for resettled families; and agriculture and livestock training; and demonstration farms to promote modern techniques and innovative technologies.


In supervising construction of the project, SMEC assessed works for compliance with agreed designs and material quantities, and ensured all the works met quality standards.


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