Irrigation and Drainage Improvement Project
In Kazakhstan, water resource problems pose a major risk to national economic growth. Investment in agriculture and irrigation is vital to rural employment, food security, and poverty reduction.

Spanning approximately 105,000ha, Kazakhstan’s second Irrigation and Drainage Improvement Project (IDIP) will improve supply conditions for approximately 10,000 farms located in the Almaty, Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan and Zhambyl Provinces.


SMEC is providing construction supervision and project management services to modernize and improve irrigation and drainage service delivery.  Our role also includes strengthening the capacity of farmers and farm managers in efficient water management and sustainable agriculture production practices.


In addition to delivering on the original contract scope, SMEC has also provided an innovative value-add to our client in the form of a digital Project Monitoring and Management Information System (PMIS). The PMIS includes visual GIS maps to improve stakeholder communication and reporting. This is the first time such a system has been utilised in Kazakhstan’s water and irrigation sector.


The PMIS is web-based and can be accessed online in real-time from any location with a stable internet connection. It provides multiple tools on a unified platform, including Key Performance Indicators, project bill of quantities, monitoring dashboard for project milestones, site image library, GIS maps to improve stakeholder communication and reporting and a news and events page. Both our client and SMEC’s project teams are reaping the rewards from this system, which provides efficient project monitoring and management and allows for confident and cost-effective asset management decisions.


Financed by the Government of Kazakhstan and the World Bank the IDIP project will increase flow reliability, reduce water losses, and improve overall water management and water use efficiency. Scheduled to be completed in 2023, IDIP will enhance over 3,200 km of irrigation canals that provide water to 105,104 ha of farmland.


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