So They Can
So They Can (STC) is a not for profit organisation that works to educate, empower and support communities in Africa. The SMEC Foundation has partnered with STC since 2012, providing ongoing grant support and assistance on a range of community projects.

Funding new homes


From 2016, the SMEC Foundation funded the construction of two new homes in the Miti Mingi Village, which delivers family-based care for more than 120 orphaned and vulnerable children who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care.


Meaning ‘many trees’ in Kiswahili, the Miti Mingi Village provides small family-like homes, which is the next best recommended alternative for children who cannot be cared for by their extended families.


The Village comprises 15 individual family homes, each with eight children cared for by a ‘mother’ who has committed to being with the children for life.


Improving infrastructure for children’s homes


Waste water disposal has been a major ongoing challenge for the Miti Mingi Village, as its location means it is not serviced by the municipal sewerage works.


In December 2018, the SMEC Foundation provided further funding to complete a waste water management system at the Village, which was in desperate need of an updated sewage system to accommodate more showers and toilets and to protect the health of its residents.


To implement the waste water treatment solution, a modern septic tank and a 30 cum biodigester were installed. The bio-digester offers an inexpensive alternative for waste water treatment and disposal. The treated effluent complies with local and international standards and can be reused for irrigation and landscaping.


SMEC employees in Kenya have a close relationship with STC and the Miti Mingi Village, which was acknowledged by Keri Chittenden, Co-Founder and Director of STC.

STC’s connection with SMEC employees on the ground in Kenya has added so much extra value to the donations from the SMEC Foundation. The involvement of SMEC employees has enabled us to tap into some excellent technical expertise when carrying out our development projects.
———— Keri Chittenden, Co-Founder and Director of STC
SMEC understands the needs of our community. This has enabled us to deliver better project outcomes, whether that be for the Abadare Ranges School [which is in the same area as the Village], the Miti Mingi Children’s Village or for the community generally. It gives us great comfort to know that SMEC Kenya is a trustworthy partner we can call on for technical advice when needed.
———— Keri Chittenden, Co-Founder and Director of STC


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