Karimenu Water Supply Project
Located north of Nairobi, water rationing is the norm in Thika's housing estates. Population increase and expanding industrial activity has put stress on the Thika Water and Sewerage Companies ability to meet water demand. Residents have been forced to buy water at exorbitant prices from vendors due to high demand.

The Karimenu Water Supply Project will install a new intake weir and treatment facilities capable of supplying an additional 15,000m3 of water per day. Funded by the World Bank, SMEC was appointed to prepare the Environmental Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and detailed design works for new infrastructure.


SMEC’s Engineering team modelled the water treatment plant in BIM and incorporated open-source hydraulic modelling to simulate existing and future water demand. New wastewater treatment plants will increase wastewater treatment capacity and reduce sewage spillages. A new 25km pipeline will distribute clean reliable water supply across the township.


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