The Government of Tanzania is implementing a Water Sector Development Program (2006-2025), which has among its objectives the development of a basin-wide Integrated Water Resources Management and Development (IWRMD) Plan. SMEC was engaged to prepare the IWRMD Plan for the Lake Tanganyika Basin.

The IWRMD Plan will safeguard the basin’s water resources and establish a framework to improve the livelihood of people living in the basin. Lake Tanganyika is the second largest (by volume), second deepest, and longest freshwater lake in the world.


The objective of the project is to manage and develop the basin’s water resources for multi-sectorial needs through the promotion of equitable, efficient, environmentally-sound and socially-sustainable water resources development and management options.


SMEC undertook all required studies, consultations, modelling, and developing of decision support systems.


Scope of works

  • Water resources mapping
  • Hydrological and groundwater modelling
  • Assessment of water quality, river health, and terrestrial ecology
  • Water demand analysis
  • Climate change assessment
  • Management and development of transboundary water
  • Sector and thematic basin management plans
  • Development of an implementation and action plan
  • Institutional, policy, and legal framework
  • Flood management study
  • Capacity building and knowledge transfer.


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