SMEC Foundation
Funding was provided for the purchase of equipment and materials used in the construction of Multipurpose Outdoor Learning Domains and a variety of health and nutrition projects. This has enabled AFFLIP to enhance teaching and learning opportunities in the district.

The flagship program delivers:

  • Provision of outdoor learning facilities
  • Professional development programs for Filipino teachers and administrators
  • Development of an exchange program between identified schools in South Australia and the Philippines
  • Community programs to reduce illness, infections, and malnourishment in identified Filipino schools
  • Extracurricular school programs to support vulnerable students.
Davao City Special School is immensely grateful for these 10 sets of concrete tables each with four stools. AFFLIP in partnership with the SMEC Foundation have been instrumental in the implementation of the Multipurpose Outdoor Learning Domains across the Talomo District.”
———— Viola Esparagoza, School Head, Davao City Special School

The multipurpose outdoor learning domains deliver tables and seating for use in group work, colourful games areas, reading spaces, and other play activities such as chess. The new amenities provide a welcoming ambience to the learning environment.

The health and nutrition projects (set to commence in 2022) have been grouped into three broad sets: Aquaponics, Plant Nurseries and Wicking Beds with planning currently underway.

Thank you to the SMEC team in Philippines for initiating funding support for this program.