In August 2010, devastating floods swept across Pakistan, affecting the lives of over 20 million people.

Immediately after the floods, the Pakistani Government and United Nations officials appealed for urgent emergency relief to cope with the scale of the natural disaster. In response, the SMEC Foundation launched the Pakistan Flood Relief Program.


The Pakistan Flood Relief Program raised AU$35,000. SMEC employees donated AU$15,000, SMEC Holdings matched staff donations on a dollar-for-dollar basis with a AU$15,000 donation and the SMEC Foundation donated AU$5,000. The SMEC Foundation managed the donation.


The SMEC Foundation committed AU$15,000 to World Vision to purchase oral rehydration kits and medical supplies. Dehydration and infection claimed the lives of flood affected victims immediately after the disaster, particularly children under five years.


The remaining AU$20,000 was donated to CEIS (a SMEC subsidiary in Pakistan) to manage the construction of shelter homes in Sharif Abad village in Mianwali (seven hours drive south of Islamabad). CEIS initially planned to construct 25 shelters. However, CEIS was able to increase the number of completed shelters to 49 as a result of donations from the SMEC Foundation and local colleagues. Each shelter cost AU$1,500 to construct. Approximately 350 people benefitted from the shelters, including 50 local staff who were employed throughout their construction.


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