Sydney Gateway
A high-capacity network, vital to supporting the growth of our communities, places and economy. Sydney Gateway will transform how Australia’s biggest city moves, ensuring people and goods can transit around our city and beyond, safely, and reliably.

An improved transport network

SMEC and The APP Group are delivering the Independent Verifier (IV) role for the $2.6 Billion Sydney Gateway Project for Transport for NSW, which is designed and constructed by a John Holland Seymour Whyte JV.

Diverts up to 10,000 trucks a day from local streets

Sydney Gateway will provide a direct connection between Sydney Airport International and Domestic terminals, and the WestConnex motorways at St Peters Interchange. The project will enable improved distribution of freight from Port Botany and Sydney Airport, improve local traffic flow and congestion, and contribute to an improved transport network to support rapid economic and population growth.

Sydney Gateway will address limitations of the current transport network through the construction of new access roads, bridges, overpasses and link roads:

  • new access road to Terminal T1 from the St Peters Interchange through the former Tempe Tip;
  • new bridges over Alexandra Canal;
  • new overpasses across the Botany Rail Line and Canal Road;
  • new link roads to Sydney Airport land connecting on either side of the Botany Rail Line;
  • new link roads connecting Sydney Airport’s existing and proposed freight facilities on either side of Alexandra Canal;
  • an active transport link to maintain bicycle and pedestrian connections between Tempe, Sydney Airport, and Mascot;
  • widening Qantas Drive to three lanes in each direction;
  • new elevated access viaduct and overpass from the upgraded Qantas Drive into Terminals T2/T3; and
  • intersection upgrades or modifications at Robey Street/Seventh Street/Qantas Drive, Ross Smith Avenue/Sir Reginald Ansett Drive, and Shiers Avenue/Sir Reginald Ansett Drive.

SMEC and The APP Group role as the Independent Verifier is critical to ensuring Sydney Gateway project is delivered to the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. As an objective and impartial third party, SMEC and The APP Group are providing expert oversight and monitoring of the project and will help to ensure it meets all relevant regulatory and contractual requirements. Ultimately, ensuring that Sydney Gateway delivers maximum value for money, while minimising risks and delivering benefits for the wider community.

SMEC Manager – IV and Construction Services Andrew Pettig stated “Our experience, with The APP Group, in delivering IV services in Sydney enables our team to deliver enduring value to the clients and contractors we work with, but also the community these projects serve. On large-scale, complex projects like Sydney Gateway, the role of Independent Verifier is a complex and vital one.  We work collaboratively with, but independently of, the Contractor and Client to help facilitate a high-quality outcome and value for money through both the design and construction phases of the project.”

Reaching exciting milestones

Sydney Gateway is well underway with construction on this significant road project 60 per cent complete. Once completed, Sydney Gateway will boast 19 bridge structures that will carry the new roadways over existing roads, Alexandra Canal and the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) rail corridor. Constructing and installing 19 bridge structures is a major engineering feat that requires precision and collaboration to deliver best outcomes.

New bridges over Alexandra Canal

Bridge structures have started to take shape, with the installation of Australian fabricated steel girders across Alexandra Canal and the ARTC rail corridor. The largest bridge structures on the project are currently being installed.

Meticulous planning, collaboration and innovation by the team have seen the arches of the Twin Arch Bridges rotated, the second was successfully rotated into vertical position over the Alexandra Canal from the International Airport Terminal, ‘The Gateway’ to Sydney. Rotating the Twin Arch Bridges a significant and challenging undertaking with one arch weighing approximately 660 tonnes of 100% Australian Steel and spanning 105m. The Twin Arch Bridges will span Alexandra Canal at Tempe and feature coloured lighting that highlights the arches of the twin bridges, as well as local indigenous designs incorporated into the landscaping and noise mounds, allowing Sydney Gateway to be enjoyed from both land and air.

A steel box girder of approximately 85 meters in length for the Alexandra Canal span of the Qantas Dr Bridge was successfully lifted into place using Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs)with end of the girder extensions. The girders will be transported two girders at a time (six in total) with each pair weighing 600t over the existing Nigel Love Bridge and then either side of the Alexandra Canal.  The total bridge length over both the Canal and Port Botany Rail Line is 360m over eight spans.

New elevated access viaduct and overpass

Five large curved steel girders of 52m in length have been lifted over Qantas Dr / O Riordan St intersection in Mascot for bridge connection to the precast super t sections of the new elevated viaduct. This was a significant lift that required incredible team precision and the detailed coordination of the traffic management team for the traffic switch to one side of Qantas Drive for five success nights, at the busy junctions to and from Sydney domestic terminal, with work completed during the evening and early hours of the morning. The new elevated access viaduct and overpass will create seamless transport connectivity from WestConnex to the Domestic Terminal, minimising congestion and wait times.

These significant milestones in the project are the result of years of hard work and collaboration between all parties, the designer, contractor, client, IV and Third Parties, SYD, ARTC over many different disciplines, it is great to see the project taking shape. We’re looking forward to seeing the result of the project come together as it will be a transformative for Sydney transport.
———— Tara Matkovich, SMEC Independent Verifier Design Representative

Supporting rapid economic and population growth

It is predicted that by 2056, more than 12 million residents will call New South Wales home. Sydney will grow to a similar size of global cities like London and New York. To prepare for this growth increase it is vital that we invest in world-class infrastructure that that will reduce congestion and make Sydney more liveable.

Sydney Gateway is a world-class infrastructure that will help support future population growth through expanding and improving the existing road and freight rail high capacity networks, enabling our current and future communities to thrive.

The Sydney Gateway is scheduled for completion by the end of 2024.


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