The objective of the Water Management Improvement Project (WMIP) is to improve irrigation service and water management in the nation of Kyrgyzstan. This project will help to increase productivity of irrigated agriculture, generate sustainable long-term growth, and improve national water resources governance.

SMEC was engaged to assist both the Government of Kyrgyzstan and the Department of Water Resources to implement components 2 and 3 of the project.


These components are related to institutional development and capacity building and will help to improve water resources management including the implementation of the new Water Code and further development of Water Users Associations (WUAs) with establishment of WUA Federations.


Our scope of work includes:

  • Establishment and capacity building of new institutions, including the National Water Council (NWC) and the State Water Administration (SWA)
  • Reforming DWR’s technical and financial performance
  • Support for further WUA development
  • Training and capacity building of local specialists
  • Formation and development of pilot WUA Federations.



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