SMEC’s involvement with Wonderboom Airport began in 1961 and has spanned more than three decades.

Wonderboom Airport has transformed from a small airstrip to one of the busiest airports in South Africa. Over several projects, SMEC has provided design expertise in runways and aprons, as well as airside and landside facilities. Our multi-disciplinary teams have provided financial, planning and construction supervision services. Both the original and present designs of the runways and taxiways utilise in situ occurring materials extensively in the pavement construction, enhancing the economic and environmental sustainability of the site.


SMEC were engaged to:

  • 1962 – design a main runway with accompanying taxiways
  • 1964 – design a secondary runway and additional taxiways
  • 1981 – monitor runway strengths and determine Aircraft Classification Number and Pavement Classification Number
  • 1991 – investigate economic viability of extending the main runway and taxiway, and carry out relevant design.


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