Khulna Water Supply
The Khulna Water Supply Project in Bangladesh has connected 90 per cent of the city’s residents – up from 23 per cent – to safe drinking water.

SMEC played a pivotal role in the US$259 million Khulna Water Supply Project, not only providing engineering expertise but also establishing governance at a local level. In association with ACE Consultants and partners, SMEC provided a full range of consultancy services for the project, including architectural, mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineering, resiliency solutions and construction supervision.


This project aimed to improve access to safe drinking water through a long-term investment plan. Although this project was challenging on several fronts, our teams on the ground implemented innovative strategies to solve these problems, so that most residents in the city of Khulna now enjoy access to pipe-supplied drinking water. The outcomes achieved via this project assist the Bangladesh government in achieving its Poverty Reduction Strategy target, particularly where water is concerned.


To overcome several significant project scale and environment hurdles, SMEC also supported the KWASA, a relatively new water entity in development of:

  • Water supply facilities, including one water intake with a capacity of 110,000m3 per day
  • A 33-kilometre raw water transmission pipeline
  • An impounding reservoir of 775,000 m3 and a water treatment plant.
  • Climate proofing the facilities, ensuring they produce an environmentally sustainable water supply

In response to high flood levels during 2017, SMEC’s teams revised the design using numerical models to better protect against future river activity and potential climate change.


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