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Refurbished Wells Project, Malawi
To combat acute water shortages in the communities surrounding the Reserve, the SMEC Foundation worked alongside BridgIT Water Foundation and McKendrick Family to restore and revitalise non-functional wells in the neighbouring areas.
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School Kitchen Storeroom Project
The School Kitchen Storeroom Project, made possible through the generous support of the SMEC Foundation and Busbridge Family, has brought about significant improvements in multiple areas. Four large storerooms were constructed adjacent to existing kitchens, addressing the critical lack of storage space, and providing a dedicated area for cooking utensils and non-perishable foods. This enhancement has not only improved functionality but also positively impacted the hygiene and food handling practices within the schools.
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Improving access to resilient water supply for the Wom community and public beach, Papua New Guinea
In Wom, over 90 households and all visitors to the public beach now have safe, resilient drinking water. Supported by Busbridge Family, the SMEC Foundation helped improve access to WASH services through a pilot community in Wom village and public beach. This development created a blueprint that other districts in Papua New Guinea can utilise to improve WASH services and management.
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School Infrastructure Project – Girls Changing Room
SMEC Foundation partnered with So They Can and the Busbridge Family to add new changing rooms for girls attending local government primary schools.
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Access to safe drinking water for the Chittoor District
The SMEC Foundation, along with SMEC India, BridgIT Water Foundation Australia and sponsors The McKendrick Family Australia, have funded crucial bore wells and hand pumps in seven villages within this region, known as the 2022 Indian Drilled Well Project. The project was implemented by the Society for Rural Health, Education and Development (SHRED).
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