Stellenbosch University Decanting Facility
The Stellenbosch University facilities management division is tasked with an ambitious upgrade program to oversee the renovation and upgrade of multiple buildings across the campus. Their campus vision is to provide sustainable, accessible, and future-focused facilities and services. Located in the northern quarter of the expansive Stellenbosch campus, the new decanting facility sets a new building typology for the precinct which will help enable the universities long-term development ambitions.

The new building has been developed with sufficient functionality to house various faculties in a modern and agile setting. The facility will provide temporary, but fully functional workspace for engineering students and staff while upgrades to their buildings are completed. Once construction has been completed at the Faculty of Engineering, the decanting building will be used during other campus renewal projects.


SMEC’s services included civil engineering, services coordination, planning approvals, layer works design, construction monitoring and contract administration. This included the bulk master planning of the precinct civil infrastructure, the external services for the building and the adjacent parking area. A new parking area services the new decanting building and new student residences alleviating parking congestion on the site.


All parking bays consist of permeable grass blocks filled with crusher stone to ensure the water table is replenished during winter rainfall.


Sustainability was embedded into the design and applied throughout the construction. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems have been installed which elegantly incorporate stormwater management solutions. Attenuation ponds create a visual feature and recreational amenity. Pedestrian linkages provide safe passage around the site and tactile paving has been incorporated to ensure universal access.


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