A core part of SMEC’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, the SMEC Foundation provides small-scale grant support to a range of development projects, communities and charities around the world.

In 2021, we are pleased to announce our support for a number of community projects addressing water, sanitation and health challenges in Nepal, Tanzania, Malawi and PNG. These projects are a continuation of our long-term partnerships with trusted, not-for-profit charities and are focused on social development projects in the areas where SMEC operates. Special thanks to the McKendrick family and the Busbridge Family, whose valued contributions have made these projects possible.

Community Water Project, Nepal

We are pleased to announce funding for the Sigas BridgIT community water project, developed in partnership with Kathmandu Environment Education Project (KEEP) and BridgIT Water Foundation Australia.

The goal of this project is to make safe and clean drinking water accessible to the four villages in the Sigas region.

Due to previous infrastructure and pipelines not being consistently monitored or repaired, water shortages have significantly impacted the community’s ability to maintain sanitation, especially in healthcare facilities and schools.

This project will improve the health, hygiene and education opportunities for the community. SMEC employees in our Nepal office will also actively be involved in supporting the project at a local level.

Over the past two years, the SMEC Foundation has partnered with BridgIT to connect communities in India and Ethiopia with safe drinking water and reduce waterborne disease.

Supporting school children in Tanzania

Continuing on from last year’s projects in Kenya, we are pleased to be jointly funding an Education Program in Tanzania run by So They Can (STC), a long term charity partner.

The project includes construction of toilets and changing rooms in eight primary schools located in Nakuru and East Pokot to support children staying in school and increasing their education opportunities. SMEC employees in our Tanzania office will also actively be involved in supporting the project at a local level.

We have also allocated funding to another STC project to drill two boreholes for Endamaghai and Mwikantsi schools in Tanzania. The boreholes will provide a safe water supply to support education opportunities for children.

Water Point Rehabilitation, Malawi

We are pleased to be progressing with funding a water point rehabilitation project in Malawi, established between Action On Poverty (AOP) and United Purpose (UP) Malawi.

It includes rehabilitating six non-functional water points, conducting community-based training for water point committees and promoting sanitation and hygiene, which are all key to preventing infectious disease outbreaks, including a third wave of the COVID pandemic.

Based on gender-sensitive approaches, AOP and UP will ensure the meaningful participation of women – who are the primary users of water – across the project.

SMEC employees in our Malawi office will also actively be involved in supporting the project at a local level.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with AOP to progress initiatives in Vietnam and Ethiopia.

Community WaSH Project, PNG

We are pleased to partner with WaterAid to support a community water project in PNG.

As part of WaterAid’s Water for Women program of work, and to support COVID-19 recovery, this project will improve water supply in the rural local government areas of Sowom and Dagua, a priority as part of the District water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) Plan.

Over the course of a year, the program will install a new water supply scheme, promote good hygiene, sanitation and behaviours to prevent the spread of COVID-19; and ensure that the needs of women and marginalized communities are met through the program.

Previously, the SMEC Foundation also contributed to the construction of new WaSH facilities at Tubuserea Upper Primary School in the Rigo District of PNG’s Central Province.

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